“Companies only really change when their people are empowered to change their mind-set”

What do high-performing companies have in common? A reliable, talented set of personnel, and the environment and systems necessary for them to make full use of their skills.
Results and performance ultimately come down to the people and the organization involved.
Indigo Blue will help you develop personnel (HR) capable of contributing to your business, and improve the quality of your management.


- Strengthening and reforming people and their organizations -
Big Company Disease (growth deceleration), short-term demand for results, habits/culture that prioritize stability over challenge, a lack of doers/drivers…
By strengthening people and their organizations, Indigo Blue will work to save your organization from the kind of downward spiral common amongst Japanese companies, and get it into a positive cycle.

 - Growth strategy implementation
– Development of a culture that prioritizes challenge over stability
– Management hand-over to the next generation
– Cure Big Company Disease, etc.
Provides comprehensive support for personnel training, organizational development, and the establishment of various environments/systems.

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Personnel capable of expressing their own ideas while respecting the group are the glue that binds an organization together.

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Program that brings various personnel closer together and gives them a common sense of purpose, in order to achieve the organization’s goals.
Works to drive autonomy amongst the personnel, heighten each individual’s awareness of their role in the organization’s development, and encourages new behaviors and ways of thinking that transcend existing frameworks.

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